The Yellow Box Fragmentation Project

This is a CSIRO research project to determine the genetic variability of yellow box (Eucalyptus melliodora A.Cunn. ex Schauer) across it's range, and to analyse how fragmentation is affecting population and species resilience.

The project is engaging selected members of the public to assist in collecting seed samples and information about the seed trees and their local environmental conditions. This system is being used for recording the data. Seed samples collected will be sent to Linda Broadhurst for genetic sequencing and analysis.

Why Yellow Box?

Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora) is a long-lived tree species that occurs through the NSW South West Slopes, Riverina and northern Victoria in areas which have a long history of grazing and cropping. Extensive areas within this range have been cleared for agricultural production which has resulted in fragmentation of the species into remnant reserves, roadsides, and isolated individuals in paddocks.

About this Site

This is the new national site for recording weed observations. It is still a work in progress!

When it is completed this site will host the database containing all of the projects we are working on, our current and planned surveys, your contributed sightings, and profile information for many species.

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Linda Broadhurst